My first weeks at Propel

Morgan Remillard,

When I signed up for propel I didn’t know what the program was going to be like, or what I was going to do. I spent my entire summer vacation contemplating what I was going to base my semester on. Within all that time I had not chosen what to do for my project, although I knew I would love to do something with animals. For my first day I came in and I felt as though the other students knew what they wanted to do, and they were all so talented, I was so impressed with everyone’s skills.

In the second week Mr. Patrician was teaching a lesson, and for an example he started talking about an animal rescue fundraiser, I was instantly hooked but since he used it as an example I thought someone must have already done this, so I’ll have to come up with something else. Later that week we were looking at past projects, to be inspired, and do this thing we call “steal like an artist” we looked for things that we could incorporate into our own projects. When looking through the projects I saw that no one had done the fundraiser, I was so excited.

Our third week, which is this week, we started talking about our POC’s which stands for “proof of concept” we were told that we had to come up with 3 projects, even though just the week before I wouldn’t of been able to come up with one single POC I manage to come up with four different ideas, Art, Photography, two different fundraisers one being a local dog rescue and the other for reserve dogs, although I knew I wanted to do my local dog fundraiser.

It’s been great being in this program, being in Propel already makes me feel as though I can make a difference and be able to show my work in the community. The teachers challenge you in your way of thought and to look at the things around you in a different perspective. When handing in a deliverable or presenting we are told the truth weather it sounds nice or not. They never mean for it to sound offensive, they give straight feedback so that though the year we improve and become the best we can to succeed in our projects.

-Morgan Remillard


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