My proof of concept weeks

For the past couple weeks, I have been in the proof of concept phase of my project. In these weeks I have started on the first steps to my fundraiser, that i would host at the end of the year and the changes I went through to get to where I am at this point. This has not been the easiest stage saying that I have never done anything like this before and had no clue what I was doing. I hit a lot of bumps and did not finish all of what I needed to complete. I mainly completed all the school type work and didn’t get out into the community like I am supposed to do in this program.

My main idea of my project at first was to host one large fundraiser at the end of the semester for Manitoba Underdogs Rescue. My goal was to raise $1500 and to host for minimum 50 people, this would mean each would have to donate $30 each for me to meet my goal. At this point I only had a few ideas of what I wanted to do and I had a hard time of thinking about more and really had no clue where I was going with my project.

It started when I was told to make four top 10 list on, business communication, phone communication, meeting tips and scheduling tips. These weren’t exactly hard but turned out to take way longer than I thought they would due to, to be honest, procrastination and getting distracted in loud places and people. By the time I was making my last list I had realized that they were taking to long and these needed to be done by this point I moved into a separate room to work alone and get away from distractions. If I were to go back and change anything I would’ve moved into that room earlier so I had more time in the end and get more work done.

After making my lists, I started doing research on Manitoba underdogs learning a bit about them and finding their contact information so that I could contact who I thought would be my mentor Jessica Hansen, after emailing underdogs I got a response from Samantha Aastrom the Event Coordinator of Manitoba Underdogs, she thought that she would be better suited to help me with my event, so she the became my mentor for my project. Again, at this point, there was a lot of  procrastinating along with running the email through multiple people, because I was worried of a mistake in spelling or grammar since I really struggle with that.

By the time I got to this point of just starting to email Samantha, my POC weeks were up and I hadn’t finished everything I needed to do, I presented what I had but once it came to my big picture goals meeting I was told I didn’t have enough of an idea of what I wanted my fundraiser to look like. I need to be getting out into the community more, than I did at that point. By the end of the meeting it was decided I would go back to my POC and that instead of one large fundraiser I would have several small fundraisers instead of one large one.

From there on I had a few days to come up with several small simple fundraiser ideas, which are, a “pay what you want” Doggy Photo Booth, Bake Sale at both Nelson McIntyre and J. h. Bruns (my home school), Peek of the Market fundraiser, Gift Wrapping Station and a Tie Dye Party. I then wrote a short descriptions for each to get an idea of what I want each of them to look like.

After all my ideas down I scheduled a phone call with Samantha to pitch my project to her and to get feedback to see what I could change and what she could help me with. It was then where I went back for my Big picture goals meeting to discuss what I got done in those couple days.

During this process I leaned a lot, I learnt that that building a large fundraiser is much harder that it seems because I struggled to think of things that will pull people in, in other words, get them hooked. Even after I moved to small fundraisers I struggled with finding simple small fundraisers. This was because I needed to think of ones that were cheep or didn’t cost anything at all, I would also need ones that wouldn’t need a prize at the end such as a Lip Sync Battle or Obstacle Course.

By the end of the semester I hope to successfully host all 6 of my fundraiser ideas raise $1500, promote on different media platforms such as, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and create my own website. For my fundraisers I would be starting with my Doggy Photo Booth on November 4th, then the Bake Sales at both schools from the 25-30th of November, Gift Wrapping station from the 9th- 15th of December, Peek of the Market from 20th-25th, and the Tie Dye party from the 7th-11th of January.

My over all goal is to help dogs in need and to bring awareness to this rescue and hopefully get people involved as well.

-Morgan Remillard





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