Pennies for Pups

Since my last blog I have made progress and a few set backs in my project, pushing through them and problem solving, still currently working through a few set backs. Some of the things I have done are:

  • Moved my doggy photo booth date later in the month
  • Moved my bake sale date forward
  • Confirmed date for bake sale
  • Chose a name
  • Created my logo
  • Organized recipes
  • Created website
  • Created social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Created flyer for fundraiser
  • Started contacting businesses to host doggy photo booth

In my last blog my doggy photo booth was set to happen last weekend on November 4th, I had to push that back due to not being able to get the permit to host there fast enough. Currently I’m looking for a store to host at because I had to push my date back to November 25th and its would be cold for the equipment and for us to stay out in the cold for 4 hours. In replacement of my photo booth I have set both bake sales to happen next week, these would take place at J.H. Bruns on November 12th and 16th, and at Nelson McIntyre on November 13th to 15th.

I Have also worked with a fellow propel student named Southerly in the design of my logo. it started by finding logo that i liked and would give an idea of what i wanted it to look like. After that i met with southerly and pointed out two that really caught my eye these are the two images that i liked the most:

out of these we combined the ideas together and she pitched her idea and i though it was perfect! the final copy of it is:

pennies for ups 3

As you can see the image is a good mixture of both of my images, it has the hand flipping the coin with the fading background as i liked from the other images. the coin flipping is suppose to represent my name”Pennies for Pups”.

After all this i had to fill out my action plan. Action plan is a list of steps you need to take in each milestone of your project. For my project my milestones are find a mentor, come up with several fundraiser ideas, pitch project ideas to mentor, create logo and media, bake sale at J.H. Bruns, bake sale at Nelson McIntyre, Doggy photo booth, gift wrapping station and peek of the market. I’m currently discussing with another propel student named Grace about collaborating in my final fundraiser by doing a hoedown, where we teach square dancing.

In the next couple weeks will be spent on putting my Bake sale in action and to start getting things organized for my Doggy Photo Booth. I will start this by making a list of groceries that i need to get for my bake sale and getting a group together to spend the day cooking. to get ready for my Photo Booth, I will be contacting more businesses to discuss hosting at their locations.

I am looking forward to get to host my fundraisers, and i hope that you will come and check them out, and support.

-Morgan Remillard


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