Pennies For Pups

In the past few weeks, we have begun making a Gantt Chart. This is a chart that illustrates a projects progress and helps to manage your time. This is done by inputting your Milestones, which are the big steps in your project, then adding in the amount of the time it will take for you to complete this task. As you work on your project, completed tasks can be put in to show if you are on track, behind or ahead in work.

Since creating my own Gantt chart, my Milestones are creating a logo and social media accounts, a Bake Sale at J.H Bruns Colligate, a Bake Sale at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate, location scouting/supplies, learning the basics of DSLR camera, a Doggy Photo Booth draft 0, a Doggy Photo Booth practice #1 at Nelson McIntyre, a Doggy Photo Booth practice #2 at Nelson McIntyre, event one at Maple Grove Dog Park, event two at Kilcona Dog Park, event three at Kings Park, and event four at Charleswood Dog Park.

Project Timeline-Morgan Remillard


On the left of the photo above, it shows my Milestones, the number of steps in each of those milestones, and the steps I have completed to date. This timeline shows that I am currently on track of completing my project, I know this by the dark purple bars showing what I have completed and the yellow bar being the current date. The light purple shows what still needs to be completed. These tasks are in a very tight schedule only having two more months to complete, as you can see on the Gantt chart, it comes very close to final presentation preparation which is marked by the blue dates in the top right corner of the photo. Because of this, the following weeks I will have to be conscious of staying on track.

In the next following weeks, I will begin my Doggy Booth Workflow. This will be practice for my real Photobooth, by intercepting peers from Propel, get contact info on the signup sheet, ask if they would like a template, take their photo(s), then my end of conversation script. After completing the workflow, I will edit the photos, receive feedback and then incorporate that feedback. This workflow will be repeated four times.

Once I have practiced on my peers, I will begin to practice on students of Nelson McIntyre and it will be repeated two times. For this, it will be run as if it was the real Photobooth. I will be doing my pre-event workflow which will include checking equipment (batteries, SD cards,ect.), contacting a Photographer one day in advance, run through day plan, scripts, and each others roles, and make sure I have all the required supplies (signup sheet, camera, pictures of templates), etc… I will then conduct my Photobooth workflow, as I did when I practiced on my peers. For my post-event workflow, I will be creating folders for each client, I will edit the best photos in each folder using Adobe Photoshop and adding a template if desired. I will export the photos as an JPG file, then email the photos to the clients. After completing my workflows, I will pick my best shots and post them to my social media.

After both of my practices, I will begin my Photobooth events. I will be conducting the same workflows as the practice on Nelson McIntyre students, my pre-event workflow, bring all the same supplies, Photobooth workflow, post-event workflow, and post on social media.

I hope hearing of this event encourages you to come to check out my events, more information can be found on my website or social media links down below.

Morgan Remillard








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