As I sit here writing my final blog, I look back on the semester and how it helped me in such a big way. I have improved greatly in my writing, formal communication, and presenting. Although this semester has been incredibly stressful, frustrating, difficult and uncomfortable, taking me out of my comfort zone, I don’t regret coming to Propel.

In the last blog, I talked about doing my practice workflow and I have now completed that. Tomorrow will be my first photobooth at Maple Grove Dog Park from 12:00pm- 2:00pm. After completing Maple Groves Photo Booth I will have 3 more photobooths to host. This is the final stretch towards the finish line of my project. I am very excited to see the final product and to donate the money I raise to Manitoba Underdogs.

The final product currently looks as though I will be successful in hosting all the fundraisers I wished to host, and although it doesn’t look like I will reach my goal of $1500, but approximately $500, this is still a great amount. My main goal for this project was not to raise the amount but rather to host fundraisers for Manitoba Underdogs. I have succeeded in that task and am very proud of the work I have completed.

Although this is my final blog, it is not the last of my project, as there is still plenty to finish in the following weeks. If you are interested in learning more about the final product upon completion, I will be presenting the finished project on Tuesday, January 29th at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate. If you are interested in coming to see my presentation, more information can be found in My Legacy Artefact.

Wish me luck,
Morgan Remillard

More information about my Photo Booth dates can be found here:

Instagram: @pennies_for_pups

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/morgan.remillard.9

Website: penniesforpups.site123.me/


Pennies For Pups

In the past few weeks, we have begun making a Gantt Chart. This is a chart that illustrates a projects progress and helps to manage your time. This is done by inputting your Milestones, which are the big steps in your project, then adding in the amount of the time it will take for you to complete this task. As you work on your project, completed tasks can be put in to show if you are on track, behind or ahead in work.

Since creating my own Gantt chart, my Milestones are creating a logo and social media accounts, a Bake Sale at J.H Bruns Colligate, a Bake Sale at Nelson McIntyre Collegiate, location scouting/supplies, learning the basics of DSLR camera, a Doggy Photo Booth draft 0, a Doggy Photo Booth practice #1 at Nelson McIntyre, a Doggy Photo Booth practice #2 at Nelson McIntyre, event one at Maple Grove Dog Park, event two at Kilcona Dog Park, event three at Kings Park, and event four at Charleswood Dog Park.

Project Timeline-Morgan Remillard


On the left of the photo above, it shows my Milestones, the number of steps in each of those milestones, and the steps I have completed to date. This timeline shows that I am currently on track of completing my project, I know this by the dark purple bars showing what I have completed and the yellow bar being the current date. The light purple shows what still needs to be completed. These tasks are in a very tight schedule only having two more months to complete, as you can see on the Gantt chart, it comes very close to final presentation preparation which is marked by the blue dates in the top right corner of the photo. Because of this, the following weeks I will have to be conscious of staying on track.

In the next following weeks, I will begin my Doggy Booth Workflow. This will be practice for my real Photobooth, by intercepting peers from Propel, get contact info on the signup sheet, ask if they would like a template, take their photo(s), then my end of conversation script. After completing the workflow, I will edit the photos, receive feedback and then incorporate that feedback. This workflow will be repeated four times.

Once I have practiced on my peers, I will begin to practice on students of Nelson McIntyre and it will be repeated two times. For this, it will be run as if it was the real Photobooth. I will be doing my pre-event workflow which will include checking equipment (batteries, SD cards,ect.), contacting a Photographer one day in advance, run through day plan, scripts, and each others roles, and make sure I have all the required supplies (signup sheet, camera, pictures of templates), etc… I will then conduct my Photobooth workflow, as I did when I practiced on my peers. For my post-event workflow, I will be creating folders for each client, I will edit the best photos in each folder using Adobe Photoshop and adding a template if desired. I will export the photos as an JPG file, then email the photos to the clients. After completing my workflows, I will pick my best shots and post them to my social media.

After both of my practices, I will begin my Photobooth events. I will be conducting the same workflows as the practice on Nelson McIntyre students, my pre-event workflow, bring all the same supplies, Photobooth workflow, post-event workflow, and post on social media.

I hope hearing of this event encourages you to come to check out my events, more information can be found on my website or social media links down below.

Morgan Remillard









Pennies for Pups

Since my last blog I have made progress and a few set backs in my project, pushing through them and problem solving, still currently working through a few set backs. Some of the things I have done are:

  • Moved my doggy photo booth date later in the month
  • Moved my bake sale date forward
  • Confirmed date for bake sale
  • Chose a name
  • Created my logo
  • Organized recipes
  • Created website
  • Created social media(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Created flyer for fundraiser
  • Started contacting businesses to host doggy photo booth

In my last blog my doggy photo booth was set to happen last weekend on November 4th, I had to push that back due to not being able to get the permit to host there fast enough. Currently I’m looking for a store to host at because I had to push my date back to November 25th and its would be cold for the equipment and for us to stay out in the cold for 4 hours. In replacement of my photo booth I have set both bake sales to happen next week, these would take place at J.H. Bruns on November 12th and 16th, and at Nelson McIntyre on November 13th to 15th.

I Have also worked with a fellow propel student named Southerly in the design of my logo. it started by finding logo that i liked and would give an idea of what i wanted it to look like. After that i met with southerly and pointed out two that really caught my eye these are the two images that i liked the most:

out of these we combined the ideas together and she pitched her idea and i though it was perfect! the final copy of it is:

pennies for ups 3

As you can see the image is a good mixture of both of my images, it has the hand flipping the coin with the fading background as i liked from the other images. the coin flipping is suppose to represent my name”Pennies for Pups”.

After all this i had to fill out my action plan. Action plan is a list of steps you need to take in each milestone of your project. For my project my milestones are find a mentor, come up with several fundraiser ideas, pitch project ideas to mentor, create logo and media, bake sale at J.H. Bruns, bake sale at Nelson McIntyre, Doggy photo booth, gift wrapping station and peek of the market. I’m currently discussing with another propel student named Grace about collaborating in my final fundraiser by doing a hoedown, where we teach square dancing.

In the next couple weeks will be spent on putting my Bake sale in action and to start getting things organized for my Doggy Photo Booth. I will start this by making a list of groceries that i need to get for my bake sale and getting a group together to spend the day cooking. to get ready for my Photo Booth, I will be contacting more businesses to discuss hosting at their locations.

I am looking forward to get to host my fundraisers, and i hope that you will come and check them out, and support.

-Morgan Remillard

My proof of concept weeks

For the past couple weeks, I have been in the proof of concept phase of my project. In these weeks I have started on the first steps to my fundraiser, that i would host at the end of the year and the changes I went through to get to where I am at this point. This has not been the easiest stage saying that I have never done anything like this before and had no clue what I was doing. I hit a lot of bumps and did not finish all of what I needed to complete. I mainly completed all the school type work and didn’t get out into the community like I am supposed to do in this program.

My main idea of my project at first was to host one large fundraiser at the end of the semester for Manitoba Underdogs Rescue. My goal was to raise $1500 and to host for minimum 50 people, this would mean each would have to donate $30 each for me to meet my goal. At this point I only had a few ideas of what I wanted to do and I had a hard time of thinking about more and really had no clue where I was going with my project.

It started when I was told to make four top 10 list on, business communication, phone communication, meeting tips and scheduling tips. These weren’t exactly hard but turned out to take way longer than I thought they would due to, to be honest, procrastination and getting distracted in loud places and people. By the time I was making my last list I had realized that they were taking to long and these needed to be done by this point I moved into a separate room to work alone and get away from distractions. If I were to go back and change anything I would’ve moved into that room earlier so I had more time in the end and get more work done.

After making my lists, I started doing research on Manitoba underdogs learning a bit about them and finding their contact information so that I could contact who I thought would be my mentor Jessica Hansen, after emailing underdogs I got a response from Samantha Aastrom the Event Coordinator of Manitoba Underdogs, she thought that she would be better suited to help me with my event, so she the became my mentor for my project. Again, at this point, there was a lot of  procrastinating along with running the email through multiple people, because I was worried of a mistake in spelling or grammar since I really struggle with that.

By the time I got to this point of just starting to email Samantha, my POC weeks were up and I hadn’t finished everything I needed to do, I presented what I had but once it came to my big picture goals meeting I was told I didn’t have enough of an idea of what I wanted my fundraiser to look like. I need to be getting out into the community more, than I did at that point. By the end of the meeting it was decided I would go back to my POC and that instead of one large fundraiser I would have several small fundraisers instead of one large one.

From there on I had a few days to come up with several small simple fundraiser ideas, which are, a “pay what you want” Doggy Photo Booth, Bake Sale at both Nelson McIntyre and J. h. Bruns (my home school), Peek of the Market fundraiser, Gift Wrapping Station and a Tie Dye Party. I then wrote a short descriptions for each to get an idea of what I want each of them to look like.

After all my ideas down I scheduled a phone call with Samantha to pitch my project to her and to get feedback to see what I could change and what she could help me with. It was then where I went back for my Big picture goals meeting to discuss what I got done in those couple days.

During this process I leaned a lot, I learnt that that building a large fundraiser is much harder that it seems because I struggled to think of things that will pull people in, in other words, get them hooked. Even after I moved to small fundraisers I struggled with finding simple small fundraisers. This was because I needed to think of ones that were cheep or didn’t cost anything at all, I would also need ones that wouldn’t need a prize at the end such as a Lip Sync Battle or Obstacle Course.

By the end of the semester I hope to successfully host all 6 of my fundraiser ideas raise $1500, promote on different media platforms such as, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and create my own website. For my fundraisers I would be starting with my Doggy Photo Booth on November 4th, then the Bake Sales at both schools from the 25-30th of November, Gift Wrapping station from the 9th- 15th of December, Peek of the Market from 20th-25th, and the Tie Dye party from the 7th-11th of January.

My over all goal is to help dogs in need and to bring awareness to this rescue and hopefully get people involved as well.

-Morgan Remillard




My first weeks at Propel

Morgan Remillard,

When I signed up for propel I didn’t know what the program was going to be like, or what I was going to do. I spent my entire summer vacation contemplating what I was going to base my semester on. Within all that time I had not chosen what to do for my project, although I knew I would love to do something with animals. For my first day I came in and I felt as though the other students knew what they wanted to do, and they were all so talented, I was so impressed with everyone’s skills.

In the second week Mr. Patrician was teaching a lesson, and for an example he started talking about an animal rescue fundraiser, I was instantly hooked but since he used it as an example I thought someone must have already done this, so I’ll have to come up with something else. Later that week we were looking at past projects, to be inspired, and do this thing we call “steal like an artist” we looked for things that we could incorporate into our own projects. When looking through the projects I saw that no one had done the fundraiser, I was so excited.

Our third week, which is this week, we started talking about our POC’s which stands for “proof of concept” we were told that we had to come up with 3 projects, even though just the week before I wouldn’t of been able to come up with one single POC I manage to come up with four different ideas, Art, Photography, two different fundraisers one being a local dog rescue and the other for reserve dogs, although I knew I wanted to do my local dog fundraiser.

It’s been great being in this program, being in Propel already makes me feel as though I can make a difference and be able to show my work in the community. The teachers challenge you in your way of thought and to look at the things around you in a different perspective. When handing in a deliverable or presenting we are told the truth weather it sounds nice or not. They never mean for it to sound offensive, they give straight feedback so that though the year we improve and become the best we can to succeed in our projects.

-Morgan Remillard